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UHF TV Channel 16 Twin Cities Catholic Television

Email: info@smbtv.org Ch. 16 TV Studio:
(612) 724-2265

We have a new website at: http://smbtv.org

Please browse to our new website.  Thank you!

Welcome to Twin Cities Catholic Television - UHF Channel 16 -- Now "Digital TV"


St. Michael Broadcasting has now moved to Channel 16 and should now reach most households within 40 miles of the IDS. 
To get it, you need:
1) A UHF antenna, indoor or rooftop. 
2) To make sure your TV is set for antenna, not cable, reception. 
3) To re-scan or auto-program your TV or converter box.    
    EWTN will appear on channels 16.1-16.5.  

 If you are having trouble receiving the station, please call us at 612-724-2265 and leave a message.  We will call you back and help in any way we can.

St. Michael Broadcasting, Inc., CHANNEL 16 UHF TV, www.smbtv.org